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Here's A few Content Ideas For The Week

Hey Boobies! I hope your Monday was a productive one I didn't get around to publishing this blog yesterday but it's still a great one and can be used this week. I wanted to Share these content ideas with you all because so many times we forget how important content really is. Quality and consistent content is a major asset to your business growth. So, lets get right into it!

1. Service Spotlight Post: Take the time to create a visual that will highlight your most popular product or service. If you own a hair company or boutique showcase how you can wear the product in multiple ways. Then ask your followers which way they like best by doing this you will create a call to action and increase the chances of engagement. 

2. Behind the scenes post: Show your followers "A day in the life of" you don't have to be famous or have a huge following to do this. Your followers and supporters want to see how you ship orders, create products, pull inventory,  make phone calls, create blog posts etc.

3. Go LIVE: When I tell some of my clients this they get so nervous but going live is great on Instagram and even Facebook because it notifies all of your followers and helps with engagement.  Go live and answer questions about your brand.


These are just a few ways to get simple yet great content posted and keep your followers engaged. This also helps reach potential followers and customers.

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